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Learning music theory has never been this easy

New to music theory? You've come to the right place. Get started with our introduction to music theory course below to get up to speed on the core fundamentals.

Music Theory

Lesson 1

Ready to get started with music theory? In this lesson, we cover theory fundamentals you’ll need to get started.

Music Theory

Lesson 2

Often the first symbol you’ll see on a musical score. In this lesson, you’ll learn what Clefs are and how to read them.

Featured Image of Key Signatures - Shows a book of musical notation with a flower on top.

Music Theory

Lesson 3

Key Signatures shouldn’t be daunting. In this lesson, we break down how to read key signatures and some expert tips to make learning them easier than ever!

Music Theory

Lesson 4

In this lesson, you’ll learn the most commonly used note types and what they represent. 

Music Theory

Lesson 5

Everyone loves scales right? Here we go through the key fundamentals of scales, and some techniques to make understanding scales easy.

Music Theory

Lesson 6

Every good piece of music needs a solid and memorable melody. Learn what melody is, and how to make your melodies stand out!

Music Theory

Lesson 7

Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of harmony, and key techniques to take your harmonies to the next level. 

Music Theory

Lesson 8

In this lesson, we’ll cover what time signatures are, how to read them, and some of the most common types. 

Music Theory

Lesson 9


Often the foundations of popular music. In this lesson you’ll learn what chords are and how they are used in classical and popular music today.

Music Theory

Lesson 10


Learn what modes are and how they are used in both classical and popular music. 

Music Theory

Lesson 11


Often overlooked in musical composition, texture can be key to conveying the intended emotion of your music. 

Music Theory

Lesson 12

Scale Degrees

In this lesson, you’ll learn what scale degrees are and it’s valuable to know and understand them.